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Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing Services

How to Test for Allergies


Both adults and children can be allergic to serveral different types of plants, insects, animals, and other allergy causing materials.  Many allergic agents cannot be easily avoided. However, just imagine if you are allergic to things in your home or office that are simple to detect and avoidable?


  • Our company can perform a variety of allergen tests,
  • The most common test is the MARIA (Multiplex Array for Indoor Allergens) a.k.a. ‘Allergen Screen’,
  • This powerful and informative test can detect if problematic levels of four troublesome, invisible allergens are present in your home, and
  • If allergen levels are elevated, we will provide you with detailed information on how to properly clean your home and rid yourself of these elevated allergen levels.


Contact us to schedule one of our indoor air quality experts to test your home for allergens.

Our Allergy Tests

The Specifics


Our “Allergen Screen” service is designed to test your home or office for these important allergens: Dog, Cat, Dust Mite, and Cockroach. Please keep in mind that your home or office may have elevated levels of these allergens even if you don’t see evidence.  


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Additional detailed information regarding these four allergens


Are you experiencing allergic symptoms in your home, office, or school? Contact us for professional allergy testing. These allergic agents are simple to detect and can be easily addressed. 

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